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released August 23, 2014



all rights reserved


SWEET TEETH Portland, Maine

Alis Slattery- Vox
Chris Charest- Guitar
Bins Marcellino- Drums
John Slattery-Bass

we wrote this shit

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Track Name: vicious cycle
god hates me and here's the truth: tried to give you knowledge but you're still a douche. dont blame me for everything i'm just hormonal not insane. i wanna kiss i wanna hug i wanna fuck i wanna rip your head off and scream. just be sweet and quiet and thoughtful and give me some chocolate. pretty please?
Track Name: caffeine
too calm without it I crave anxiety
Track Name: cursed
that boy put a hex on me now i am his sex zombie and i dont want to be free big biceps to hold me tight i come to his bed every night i cant resist i want his kiss
Track Name: DTF
Guys lined up against the walls from there you can rank us all need to make it to the center of the hoard the weak get picked off the edge of the dance floor DTF but not with you or you or you or you
eye contact and im suddenly cornered you are being awfully forward i'll pretend i have to pee you'll get bored and move on quickly DTF but not with you or you or you
i just think that you'd be bad in bed cuz we did it in my head and i wasnt that impressed. im trying to dance and you're spitting in my ear i dont need a pick up line i cant hear
this isnt an asylum or an oasis these are dirty hookup places i think just my hand will do gotta say see ya later got a date with my vibrator
Track Name: H8 Job
I hate my boss i hate my job drinks to much beer he's a fat slob. i dont wanna work here no more. your quality of life is going down the drain. they're cutting my wage raising prices i can't escape this fucking crisis i hate my bed it's so cold wish you were here but we're selling our souls i dont wanna work here no more your quality of life is going down the drain i'm going nowhere and you agree that's why this job is killing me
Track Name: OUTTA GUM
Dark shades on i can see something's wrong things arent what they used to be i can see you now and i wont OBEYi can see you now i wont do what you say
i came to chew bubble gum and kick some ass all outta gum so you better run fast
Track Name: Paranoid
I got nothing to hide from you man. their satellites are onto me the CIA wont let me be I got nothing to hide from you man. the beeping noise the flashing light they make me stay awake all night i got nothing to hide from you man. try to run but it's too late train running north is our fate. foreign troops are on our land building concentration camps. i got nothing to hide from you man
Track Name: ROT
Hey babe it's just me and you in it til the end yeah we'll get through. I wanna watch you ROT i wanna watch you DIE be buried side by side til the end of time. wanna watch you die real slow. turn all grey and gross and old
Track Name: What more
I gave away my dog i subletted my apartment i left my hometown for you. i work this shitty job i don't know anyone i spend my nights alone for you. what more can i do for you?
Track Name: Saturday night
Saturday night and i'm home alone i wanna go out but no one picks up the phone so i just stay here yeah i cant decide. i guess i'll just stay, stay inside. i've got friend i never see i've got friends who dont call me. i wanna have a life i wanna go out tonight but it's another saturday night and i'm home alone. always the stranger never the star i guess i'll just pet my CAT
Track Name: Selfie city
like my photo to tell me i'm hot. how else will i know if i'm pretty or not? every day every angle or i'll disappear. your compliments are what i want to hear. selfie city please please please tell me i'm pretty
Track Name: So What?
Driving around in your car you think you look cool? you seem so important but you dont got shit to do. why are you staring at me? i see you every day. why are you even here? go away go AWAY GO AWAY
so what? you got a gun?
so what? you shot someone?
so what? think you're a hero?
so what? you've got some fucking ego
a uniform a silver badge guys like you are such a drag. get a clue here's some news i already got a dad i dont want to talk to you i dont want to be polite you're a small speck of puke you wanna make a difference GO DIE
so what? you shot a gun?
so what? you killed someone?
so what? think you're a hero?
so what? you've got some fucking ego